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8th Conference of the International Sports Engineering Association
July 12th to 16th 2010 - Vienna, Austria
Fachhochschule Technikum WienFachhochschule Technikum Wien
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Eskerrik asko!

(11.06.08) Merçi - Thank you - Danke - or: eskerrik asko, as the basque say - to Margaret and her team. It was a wonderful conference in Biarritz - a literally breathtaking event.

Wow - we guess there won't be a conference with a nearly as spectacular venue than the 7th ISEA conference 2008 in Biarritz. The Bellevue Hotel looking down upon the grande plage of Biarritz was a breathtaking sight and offered a spectacular view at the garçons and filles riding the waves on their boards.
Margaret and her team did a marvellous job in organising the conference and we as the organisation team of the 2010 conference are taking home a lot of new ideas and helpful suggestions.
But not only the conference organisation was great, we also appreciated interesting posters and presentations as well as fruitful discussions during coffee- and lunch-breaks.
But most breathtaking of all were a few tries to catch a wave - sorry for taking nearly half the atlantic ocean home in my lungs.

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Hotel Bellevue - the spectacular venue of the 7th ISEA Conference 2008 in Biarritz
50 years of surfing in Biarritz - exhibition in the lounge area
Nearly 300 honorary basques - the conferees enjoying the basque sports festival
Basque sport performed by Margaret Estivalet and Mdm. Brisson - and they were only two seconds slower in cutting the wood than the two basque sports professionals in the background - maximum respect!
The guy who saved the day - or rather: the guy who saved the dinner - by carrying two "milk-cans" weighing 41 kg each four and a half laps - thanks!
Wine and dine at the banquet - delicious food, excellent wine, high spirits and basque music

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