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8th Conference of the International Sports Engineering Association
July 12th to 16th 2010 - Vienna, Austria
Fachhochschule Technikum WienFachhochschule Technikum Wien
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Summer in Vienna

(28.06.10) It's hot in the city in summer. But Vienna offers relief with a lot of public baths and one of the longest beaches of all europaen capitals.

In the heat of the summer some flee the city. But those who stay do not have to melt. In Vienna there are a lot of public open air baths. Either with natural water or pools.

Public open air baths

More than twenty open air baths are to be found in Vienna. Most of them are operated by the City of Vienna and conform to highest hygienical standards. (overview public baths)

One of the most spectacular public open air baths is the Krapfenwaldlbad situated at the Kahlenberg - a hill in the north of the city. It is the meeting point for the jeunesse dorée and offers a spectacular view over the city.

Those who like more down-to-earth tend to visit one of the baths at the Alte Donau (old danube). The Alte Donau is an old branch of the river danube, that was parted from the main river during the regulation of the danube. The Alte Donau is fuelled by subterranous springs.

The biggest bath at the Alte Donau is the Gänsehäufel (map of the bath). It occupies a small island and offers playgrounds, restaurants, different beaches, a nudist beach and boat rental. During holidays on weekends it is rather crowded, but during the week it is a paradise and a refuge from hectic metropolitan life. (By the way: It is only a few bus stops away from the conference venue and closes at 20:00, map route ACV - Gänsehäufel )


The Donauinsel is an artificial island with a length of 21km (width 70-210m) that was built in the 1970s for flood prevention purposes.

The Donauinsel parts the river Danube in a flowing part (River Danube) and the Neue Donau (new danube) which is formed by the Donauinsel and the eastern bank of the river.

There is no traffic on the island and the flat roads exclusively belong to countless cyclists, roller bladers and joggers. And you can swim in the Neue Donau with its 42km of beach. In the north and the south there are extensive nudist areas.

While the Donauinsel is very basic in most parts, in one place nightlife has established and some restaurants have opened. The Copa Cagrana (an allusion on Rio's "Copa Capana" and the name of the 22nd district of Vienna "Kagran") is humming with life and music day and night. It is only a stone's throw away from the Venue.

So don't forget to take your bathing clothes with you and refresh with a jump into Neue or Alte Donau after a day full of hot News and discussion at the conference.

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