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8th Conference of the International Sports Engineering Association
July 12th to 16th 2010 - Vienna, Austria
Fachhochschule Technikum WienFachhochschule Technikum Wien
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Submission Deadlines

Find below all deadlines and the submission of your abstracts and posters. We strictly request of all participants to meet the deadlines - this will simplify the work of reviewers, editors and the organising committee and will make it possible to meet the given notification-deadlines. Thank you.
Please note that there will be a limit of two papers per registration.
For details about each step of the submission and templates for submitting your papers visit Submission - Guidelines / Templates

Paper Submission Process
Activity Deadline Outcome
Abstract Submission extended 13.11.2009  
Notification of Abstract acceptance / rejection 17.11.2009 - acceptance
- rejection
Full Paper Submission extended 31.01.2010  
Full Paper Feedback extended 07.03.2010 - acceptance
- acceptance with modifications
- rejection
Corrected Paper Submission extended 21.03.2010 - acceptance
- rejection

Poster Submission Process
Activity Deadline Outcome
Poster Submission extended^2 04.03.2010  
Notification of Poster
acceptance / rejection
14.03.2010 - acceptance
- rejection

Contact Information
In case you are experiencing any problems with your registration, please contact our partner Austropa-Interconvention.


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